Style: baroque-classicism. Material and technique: Tin, Quantity: 8


Mother Mary sited en face, head and shoulders slightly lilted to the left, child on her right arm, left hand slightly raised to support the child, child in sitting position, clothed from the waist down, torso tilted to the left, both hands stretched forward. Under Mother’s coat a dress belted at the waist. The dress drapes around the feet. The coat falls from her left shoulder, pointy shoes on her feet. Hair brushed from the middle of the head, above the forehead, framing the face and neck. Head covered lightly with a veil falling to on the shoulders. Head under royal crown carved from wood.

Pictures of St Placide and Maurice in the altar around the church.

a. Picture of St Placide, frontal position, head tilted three fourths to the left, raised. White collar around his neck, black habit, arms crossed on the chest. Palm in the left hand and crozier in the right hand, sword in the chest. Red infula in the right hand. Blue background with yellow illumination around the head and in the upper left corner. At the top white inscription that says: “PLACIDUS, ABNAS, DISCIPULUS S. TEBUS DICTIPROTONARTERORDIUTS”. Canvas framed with profiled wooden strips. Wings in celadon polychrome.

b. Picture of St. Maurice, frontal position, head three fourths to the right, round trimmed, long beard. Black habit, arms crossed on the chest, left hand holding crozier with a red detail. In the bottom left corner is a red infula. Blue and beige background. Inscription at the top: “S. MAURUS ABBAS DISCIPULUS S.”
Style: baroque
Material and technique: oil paint, canvas and wooden planks


Style: eclecticism. Material and technique: oil paint, canvas

Style: neobaroque. Material and technique: relief, marble, lead