Brass, silver plated brass, the end of the 18th century. 24 cm

Material: a silk broche fabric, Technique: artistic craftsmanship, end of the 18th century. 100 cm x 63 cm

Material: brass and copper. Technique: artistic craftsmanship, XIX / XX century.

Material: a silk fabric with a brocatelle. Technique: artistic craftsmanship, 2nd half of the 18th century. 99 cm x 61 cm


Three story architectural wall altar. At the very bottom story Altar stone (mensa) with polychrome antependium and a predella covered with stylized plants. Above it an altarpiece with a statue of Kębelan Holy Mother of God in the middle, surrounded by decoration in form of rocaille. Side Wong’s of the altarpiece supported by half-columns and pilasters. The altarpiece surrounded by statues standing on plinths. Above all there is an oil painting of St. Adalbert among columns that support the headstall inside which there is located the Eye of Providence. At the bottom corners of the painting there are two carved statues of cherubs. Everything enclosed with vases with stylized palmettes. Style: baroque. Material and technique: Stone, wood, carvings and gold plating