Base with scalloped edge, pear shaped nodus. Semi-oval bowl with flared edge, smooth. Spiral twisted nodus with vertical groves. Base with separated plinth with four slightly twisted groves. Paten Ø concave with engraving of an isosceles cross in a wreath. Paten stamped with “CE” Mark from 1806 - 1807.
Style: baroque
Material and technique: embossed silver, gold-plated, partially casted


Trapezoidal seat, sagging from the front and scalloped on the sides connected with armrests and back. Wavy armrests lying on seat brackets connect to the back. Backrest consisting of a pair of flat, backward leaning frames, curved at the top and a wooden board. Board with scalloped cut, and flat carved shell at the top. Wavy cut front legs, rounded, broadening upwards. Claw shaped feet with a ball /cut in half/. Back legs square shaped, partially rolled. Rolled strips between legs in shape of letter H. upholstered seat insert, removable. White oil polychrome, gold shell.


Style: folk. Material and technique: wood carving, polychrome


Style: Neo gothic. Material and technique: wood carved, polychrome


The saber “remembers” the January Uprising. It was bought from a private collector via RTPW.